A Modern Facelift for BAT

In a strategic move to enhance its brand identity, BAT electrification proudly presents its revamped corporate design today. Collaborating with a design agency, various elements of the visual identity have been reimagined to strengthen brand presence and imbue a contemporary, fresh aesthetic.

New Color Palette for a Dynamic Impression

A significant change involves the introduction of a new color palette. Primary and secondary colors were carefully chosen to emphasize corporate values while creating a vibrant and modern atmosphere.

Logo Refresh for Contemporary Relevance

The company’s logo underwent a subtle refresh to stay contemporary and relevant. Retaining its clear lines and expressive design, the logo has been subtly adjusted to align better with future market demands. The updated logo serves as a symbol of the company’s evolutionary progress.

New Font – Montserrat for Modern Typography

Another key element of the redesign is the adoption of the Montserrat font. This modern and versatile typeface imparts a contemporary aesthetic to corporate communication. With its clear lines and legible structure, Montserrat will promote a cohesive visual identity and enhance readability across various media.

The introduction of the revamped corporate design marks a significant step for BAT electrification towards a contemporary and strong brand presence.

Dr. Sebastian Mair becomes CEO

Dr. Sebastian Mair brings extensive knowledge in automotive electronics, sustainable propulsion systems, and a profound understanding of the mobility industry to our company.

With over 20 years of experience in these areas and in building and expanding companies, he assumes the leadership of our organization.

He will guide it into the future through continuous changes, such as expanding our portfolio and establishing overseas subsidiaries:

“BAT electrification’s goals will be more and more focused to promote cutting edge technologies and decarbonization. These challenges cannot be tackled alone. A collaborative environment, where diverse perspectives can be considered, is essential. Through sustainable growth, we aim to lead the electrification and other important technologies into the future successfully alongside our customers.” – Dr. Sebastian Mair 

BAT Expands: New Office in Pristina

BAT electrification takes a bold step in expansion with the opening of a new office in Pristina, Kosovo, officially signed on February 1, 2024.

Leading the charge as Managing Director is Jochen Gillich, bringing extensive experience to drive BAT electrification’s success in the local market. Gramoz Sejfijaj assumes the crucial role of Location Manager, ensuring day-to-day operations.

Strategic Move for Enhanced Services and Local Engagement

This expansion strategically positions BAT to cater to emerging markets and better understand local needs. Beyond business growth, the company is committed to contributing to the local economy and fostering talent development.

AEL Ludwigsburg


In the heart of Ludwigsburg, Germany, lies the renowned Automobil Elektronik Kongress, AEL Ludwigsburg. This year, BAT electrification will participate in this congress for the first time, as relevant trends in vehicle electronics, automation, and electrification are exchanged here.

BAT electrification specializes in sustainable propulsion systems, hardware and software solutions for vehicle development, aiming to contribute to tomorrow’s mobility. In the bustling exhibition hall, Paul LeNgoc and Dr. Sebastian Mair will exchange ideas and insights, leading discussions on new innovations.

It’s a great opportunity for all, as exhibitors and speakers will offer insights into the future of vehicle technologies, from autonomous driving systems to electric drives. The legacy of AEL Ludwigsburg inspires passionate individuals like our CEO over 10 years to actively shape a better future. Therefore, we look forward to many fruitful conversations.



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