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At BAT electrification, we develop software in the automotive, off-highway, marine, rail, micro-mobility and industrial sectors. The entire software development process at BAT electrification is based on the V-model with agile methods and ASPICE. Thanks to a consistent process landscape, we are able to implement components according to stakeholder requirements very precisely and with the highest quality. State-of-the-art approaches for CI/CD and corresponding tooling ensure a transparent and fast development cycle.


Automotive Software

Our automotive software expertise lies in the area of component development for onboard chargers, charging infrastructure, battery management systems, inverters, converter and communication boards or central control units. We provide support from prototype to SOP and can draw on our standardized tool landscape.

Areas where we can move you forward with our service:


Software Defined Vehicle

Future architectures featuring centralized computer systems within vehicles will facilitate software integration on a new level. With software-defined vehicles (SDV), functions can be developed independently of the underlying hardware. This is the specific focus area of BAT electrification.


Used Technologies

The technology bandwidth of our embedded software development teams is very broad, from communication such as SPI, UART, CAN, LIN, CSI2 or automotive Ethernet and associated standards and protocols (J1939, NMEA200, SOME/IP) to middleware such as AUTOSAR, we advance your development.

Highlights of our technological expertise:


Software Engineering

From software requirements to tangible software, several standards must be observed. Within our ASPICE development cycle, the main focus is on good traceability of requirements and associated tests. There is also a high degree of automation and the use of agile methods, for a fast feedback flow on software quality and functionality from the field.


Other Sectors

We offer, based on the strength of our cross-functional teams and the associated basic knowledge of embedded software, also in different fields.

Solutions in other areas:

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