Hardware Development

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Welcome to our Hardware Development hub, where automotive electrification takes centre stage. As your dedicated technology and design partner, we collaborate closely with OEMs and Tier1 suppliers. Our innovative product lineup includes traction inverters, DC-DC converters, on-board chargers, wireless solutions, and various ECUs. With a skilled Hardware team, we specialize in V-cycle development, Agile development process, offering comprehensive services from requirements engineering to prototype development, supporting the evolution of e-Powertrain components.


System Engineering

Our team of seasoned engineers is dedicated to meticulously specifying the functions and hardware of components, aligning them closely with system, vehicle, and component requirements. Through rigorous requirement engineering, we meticulously trace product-level requirements back to hardware and software-specific requirements, maintaining meticulous traceability throughout the development process. We derive requirements from specifications and standards, managing them efficiently through industry-leading requirement management tools such as DOORS, Polarion, codeBeamer, and Windchill Modeler.


Circuit Design & Power Electronics

From initial concept to final implementation, we excel in designing robust circuits and power electronics, backed by thorough worst-case calculations, simulations, tolerance analyses, schematics and layout Design.


Control System Engineering

Our expertise extends to system-level closed-loop simulations utilizing Plecs and Python, specifically focusing on DCDC converters operating in Buck, Boost, and Precharge modes. We excel in developing and verifying control loops for diverse power electronics converter topologies, including AC-DC, DC-DC, and DC-AC, all integral components of e-power train systems.


Testing & Verification

Ensuring reliability is paramount. Our rigorous testing and verification processes guarantee the performance and safety of electronic components, adhering to functional safety standards. In our dedicated in-house hardware High Voltage and Low voltage lab we can test and verify the power electronics boards from module level tests to integration tests including power transfer.


Functional Safety

With skilled certified engineers in the area of Functional safety in automotive we support for developing safety goals for product, derive technical safety concepts, statistical evaluation of hardware components, verification of the ASIL matrices. We support the development of the FMEAs, FTA, FMEDA with various tools and creating relevant documentation for adapting to quality standards.

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