Corporate Design: A Modern Facelift for BAT

Corporate Design: A Modern Facelift for BAT

In a strategic move to enhance its brand identity, BAT proudly presents its revamped corporate design today. Collaborating with a design agency, various elements of the visual identity have been reimagined to strengthen brand presence and imbue a contemporary, fresh aesthetic.
New Color Palette for a Dynamic Impression

A significant change involves the introduction of a new color palette. Primary and secondary colors were carefully chosen to emphasize corporate values while creating a vibrant and modern atmosphere.

Logo Refresh for Contemporary Relevance
The company’s logo underwent a subtle refresh to stay contemporary and relevant. Retaining its clear lines and expressive design, the logo has been subtly adjusted to align better with future market demands. The updated logo serves as a symbol of the company’s evolutionary progress.
New Font – Montserrat for Modern Typography
Another key element of the redesign is the adoption of the Montserrat font. This modern and versatile typeface imparts a contemporary aesthetic to corporate communication. With its clear lines and legible structure, Montserrat will promote a cohesive visual identity and enhance readability across various media.

The introduction of the revamped corporate design marks a significant step for Bavarian Automotive Technolgies towards a contemporary and strong brand presence.

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